Loaded Kiln



  • clay mask making
  • pit firing
  • ceramic tile project
  • demonstration in clay, hands on experience and tours to kindergarten through high school and university students
  • annual kiln firings with professional ceramic artists
  • clay workshop for women focusing on the "ancient feminine"
  • collaborative construction of the timber frame retreat cabin
  • udu clay drum making workshop
  • hands on clay workshop for ceramic artists, local art organizations and art teachers of public schools
Featured significant people involved in the arts:
  • Karen Karnes: support and fundraising for the documentary film "Don't Know, We'll See", about the life and work of internationally recognized Vermont ceramic artist Karen Karnes, a seminal figure in American ceramic art.
  • Shigeyoshi Morioka: Japanese ceramic artist. We facilitated in an exhibition of his work in a US gallery and his participation in International wood fire conference
  • Jacque Kaplan - passionate about art and discovering and nurturing new artists through his famous Paris-New York-Kent Gallery. His business acumen, his knowledge of the art world, his love for art, and his desire to help others transform their lives, have made him a beacon of inspiration for others
  • Arthur Williams, collector of ceramics from around the world and founder of the Museum of Ceramic Art in New York City
  • Claudia DeMonte - multi media artist, educator and curator of international exhibitions of women artists
Mentoring/ internships
  • Michael Friedman - worked with Al McClain with wood and heavy timber construction to build the retreat cabin
  • Christine Owen- worked with Joy Brown and was introduced to Shigeyoshi Morioka for a 2 year pottery apprenticeship in his studio in Wakayama, Japan
  • Sonia Finley with Janice Gordon - introduced Sonia, an emerging artist studying at Cooper Union to Janice Gordon an accomplished artist to be her assistant resulting in a life long relationship/friendship in art.
Collaboration with other organizations involved in the arts:
  • Japan Society of Fairfield County
  • Unison Arts and Learning Center
  • Washington Art Association
  • Brookfield Crafts Center
  • Sedalia Arts Center, VA
  • Through the gatherings and events at Still Mountain Center many people share common interests in creativity and the arts, making meaningful connections and relationships .